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Optimum Eye-Protection By

Bright Life Optix

Being surrounded by gadgets & screens all the time, definitely takes a toll on the eyes - owing to the blue light exposure - causing strain, headaches & other vision issues. While we cannot do without our screens, we can definitely enjoy better eye comfort with Bright Life Optix's Blue Light Blocking Glasses.

  • Effective Blue-Light Blocking
  • Daily Eye Protection
  • Enhanced Eye Comfort
  • Versatile And Stylish
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What Makes Blue Light A Must Have
Eye Accessory

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The Blue Light Blocking Glasses come in a wide range of packages, so you can buy it for yourself, your family and even your team at the office!

  • Blue Light Blocking Glasses (Buy 6 Pairs)


  • Blue Light Blocking Glasses (Buy 5 Pairs)


  • Blue Light Blocking Glasses (Buy 3 Pairs)


  • Blue Light Blocking Glasses (Buy 2 Pairs)


  • Blue Light Blocking Glasses (Buy 1 Pair)


  • Glasses Wipes (Buy 1 Pack)


Our all-round


The all-new blue light-blocking glasses use advanced technology to filter out blue light & reduce glare emitted by a host of gadgets

  • Laptops
  • Gaming Console
  • Tablets
  • Desktops
  • Mobile Phones
  • Television